temperature test stands


Temperature test station

This test station is used for temperature testing and running-in components.

  • Contacting takes place in the temperature chamber
  • Component quick-change system
  • Testing by multiplexer
  • Ergonomic manual loading and unloading

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Run-In workpiece carrier: concept for automotive run-in tests

With the run-in test automotive electronic control units (ECUs are) tested under nominal load and high temperatures. Usually, the ECUs are placed in a temperature chamber with an appropriate number of contacts. The chamber, including the load circuits, is heated up and cooled down again to room temperature. The DUTs are replaced manually so that the next run-in can start.

For high volumes we recommend to use a tunnel solution: The tunnel is brought to the high temperature once and the DUTs are transported through the tunnel on our Run-In workpiece carriers. The Run-In workpiece carriers are equipped with mobile measurement technology – the Run-In-Controller – which communicates cyclically with the DUTs and can read out any error entries. The Run-In-Controller uses temperature sensors to monitor the duration of the applied temperature and signals the tunnel system that it can run out of the heating zone.

In the placement and unloading station the type of the DUT can be set or the latest data set can be read out. Since there are no contacts or electronics in the heating zone, the system can simply be changed over by replacing the workpiece carrier. In case of service, a single workpiece carrier can also be repaired without having to stop the complete system.

The Run-In workpiece carrier can be loaded manually or automatically.

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End of line test stand for small series control units

This test stand tests 4 control units at low and high temperature for automotive applications. A complete test of the DUTs is carried out at the referenced temperatures. First, the DUTs are tested at low temperature, then the heating phase starts. At high temperature the run-in sequence is running where the DUTs are switched on continuously and work under load. Afterwards the DUTs are tested at high temperature and finally at room temperature.

The test stand is loaded and unloaded manually.

Price on request

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