CAN-LWL converter

The CAN-LWL converter from Löhnert Elektronik is used to transmit CAN telegrams via fibre optics. This type of transmission achieves very long ranges without influence by electromagnetic interference fields (EMC).  One transmission path consists of 2 modules.

  • Transmission rate up to 250 kbit/s
  • Compact design (W/H/D): 45 x 40 x 80mm
  • CAN-LWL converter for 1 transmission channel
  • Offers mounting on top hat rail
  • The transmission rate does not have to be configured
  • Star topology capability
  • Power supply:  5V / 24V, 300mW

Item number: L13906.52.04

Price on request

Triple power relay board

  • Triple power relay for 2 change-over contacts each Type C with freewheeling diodes
  • Euroboard with VG64 multipoint connector
  • Switch contact:         250VAC, 30VDC, 5A, 1250VA, 150W
  • Control:          12 … 24V, 0.5mA
  • Power supply:   24V/100mA

Item number: A117

Price on request

Twin isolation amplifier

  • Twin isolation amplifier with integrated circuit AD210 BN from analogue devices
  • Euroboard with VG64 multipoint connector
  • Input and output voltages of up to +/- 10V
  • Amplification factor is configurable in 10 steps from V=1 to V=100
  • Configurable analogue 2nd order Bessel low pass filter for cut-off frequencies from 2Hz to 20kHz
  • Offset adjustment and gain adjustment using a potentiometer
  • Power supply 15V/100mA

Item number: 8813

Price on request


Voltage monitoring

  • Voltages up to ±1000V DC
  • Threshold value: 40V ±0,5V
  • 2x normally open contact
  • 2x normally closed contact
  • 24V supply voltage

Item number: K523.52.04

Price on request


Quadrature smoothing module

Pre-filtering for quadrature signals

  • Conditioning of the quadrature signals between flow sensor and evaluation unit
  • Interference suppression for flow measurement in pulsating media
  • Reduction of switching point disturbances of flow sensors
  • Pre-filtering at very low flow rates

Item number: H504.53.01

Price on request

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