function test stands

Manual End of Line test stand of electronic components

Testing electronic components as a PCB or as a complete device with the following functions:

  1. Power supply unit L14125 3U
  2. DUT connection in the loadbox 3U
  3. 3U Reserve unit
  4. PCB connection
  5. Emergency unit with start button
  6. Barcode reader
  7. PC with touch screen and LisRTV3 Software
  8. Communication interfaces and MES connection

The test stand is loaded and unloaded manually.

Price on request

End of Line test stand for actuator coils

Test stand for testing coils with integrated displacement measuring system. The coils are tested electrically and the displacement measuring system is calibrated. The rotary table provides 8 positions with the following functions:

  1. Input
  2. Insulation test
  3. Resistance measurement
  4. Calibration of the displacement measuring system
  5. Displacement control of the system and locking
  6. Laser marking
  7. Check laser marking
  8. Output

Price on request

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