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Located in Mittelfranken, Germany, we cooperate with many regional companies, large European enterprises as well as with branches of German corporations all over the world. Relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees are primarily based on mutual trust in the values and reliability of the respective company. Our work is extremely varied and governed by a vast number of rules, contracts and laws; adhering to which cannot always be fully monitored (e.g. Act on Minimum Wage).Therefore cooperation is only possible if there is perpetual mutual trust.

To promote this trust Löhnert Elektronik GmbH has established the following principles of conduct that govern the work of management and employees. These represent the values that have been passed on verbally and practised in our daily work since the company was founded by Mr and Mrs Löhnert in 1978.

To fulfill their tasks and complete our products and services our technical employees require the necessary personal skills creativity, inquisitiveness, knowledge, structure and experience. The correct environment in which these qualities can grow is formed by the six principles of conduct, represented by the points of the star below.


Honesty - values and ideals

As a member of society, which consists not only of the commercial economy, but particularly of people living together; LE represents honesty and correctness towards all business partners and employees. We strongly believe that, even today, the spoken word or the "handshake" must not lose their significance. Agreements and commitments must be respected and carried out at all times, and employees must always be aware of the powers given to them.

Our employees apply prudence and common sense and as such help minimise the risk to the company, employees and business partners. The company consequently also has social responsibility for its employees and their families, its business partners and for the services provided by non-profit institutions it supports. We strive to live up to this responsibility whenever possible.


Respect - Respect for employees' rights and obligations

The employees of a company are its most valuable asset. Respectful interaction between an employer and employee is the only true basis for creative and productive work performance. Our employees are single individuals, whose characters and needs can be very different. In personal interaction these differences should be taken into account from an ethical perspective, provided that the employee does not derive any direct advantage with regard to other employees. The Equal Treatment Act is the basis of this relationship, which, however, must not disregard the concept of performance.

Our goals can only be achieved in a team, in which each individual represents the team through prudence and helpfulness and in turn is supported by the team. We advocate and promote a corporate culture of cooperation and mutual respect and expect our employees to consistently support this culture.

We take into account the rights of the employee and call for employees to honour their obligations. We greatly oppose child labour, are committed to appropriate remuneration in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act and deal responsibly with the Working Hours Act.


Sustainability - environmental protection, health and safety

LE takes responsibility for the safety of its employees at work and on business trips and assignments. Employees are made aware of potential dangers by means of appropriate training and accident prevention measures. As a result, a sense of responsibility for the safety of all is promoted, which is essential for sustainable safety.

Successful occupational health management can only be achieved with the active cooperation of our employees. The company provides the impetus for preventive measures with special consideration of the growing mental stress that may be experienced in a globalised world.

The company contributes to environmental protection by conscious energy consumption, careful use of resources, avoiding waste and complying with waste disposal regulations.


Reliability - interaction with business partners

Business partnerships are the foundation of our work. Successful business can only be conducted through mutual trust. Each interaction, both with customers and with suppliers and partners, should be developed and maintained sustainably through reliability and dependability.

Each business partner is responsible for all relevant organisational, technical and financial matters within their own scope of activity, in order that the other partner can in turn concentrate on their own area of responsibility. The boundaries are jointly agreed upon.

The business partners mutually respect the competition and antitrust laws and treat the other party in a fair and correct manner. This particularly applies to the different project-dependent business relationships common in our industry, where several companies work together in different structures. Reliability and honesty ensure sustainable cooperation.


Data protection - Use of information and company property

Our staff work with tools, equipment as well as software that are either company property or belong to a business partner. These items must be used responsibly in order to avoid both economic and environmental damage.

Information and data are gaining more and more commercial importance. The current data technology allows the easy reproduction of relevant data, so appropriate precautions must be taken against misuse. LE provides safety measures to protect its own property as well as the material and data property of our customers and partners. Our safety measures include the sensible and careful handling of these values as well as their protection by insurance policies.


Responsibility - Compliance with trading laws and regulations

A commercial enterprise must be managed in accordance with all national and international laws and guidelines. Our diligent and sensible management considers and applies all possible resources to ensure the success of each project and the sustainability of the commercial enterprise.

The fight against corruption and self-interest in business relationships must be pursued rigorously, both nationally and internationally. Accepting and distributing valuables in order to influence a decision-making process is prohibited. Any knowledge of such acceptance of personal gain must be reported immediately to the management.

However, this does not include the customary greeting cards and small promotional gifts intended as a kind of thank you. Hospitality in the event of a visit is a common practice of a host and does not constitute the granting of an advantage.



Löhnert Elektronik GmbH's management is fully committed to adhering to its Code of Conduct with its entire strength and influence. We wish our business partners and employees to do the same, and shall disassociate ourselves from any business partner or employee who does not observe or opposes the values and principles outlined here.

Löhnert Elektronik GmbH's management strives for a continued positive and honest cooperation with our business partners and employees.

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