2021.05 Project NachhilFEE (tutoring)

Löhnert Elektronik supports the new project "NachhilFEE". The project offers free tutoring for children and young people from economically weaker families.

Vesperkirche Nürnberg

2021.02. Support Vesperkirche

Löhnert Elektronik supports various projects at Christmas. In 2020 also the Vesperkirche in Nuremberg.



2021.02. Our new image brochure is available

In our new image brochure you can find out everything about our company, our services and our products.


Löhnert Brochure 2021


2020.10 Award for natural green space

Löhnert Elektronik makes a "positive contribution to ecology" and was awarded a prize by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection as part of the "Blühpakt Bayern". State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection. Many thanks to our landscape architect Kerstin Gruber for designing our outdoor area.


2020.09 Energy management for charging stations active

Energy management for our charging stations has started. The goal is to charge all e-cars only with our own solar power, if possible.


2020.07 Nature Garden Competition

Löhnert Elektronik successfully participated in the nature garden competition of the city of Lauf a.d. Pegnitz and was awarded for biodiversity and nature conservation.


2020.06 Cooperation with Baumann

Baumann Automation distributes the power|box EOL Test and power|box ISO Test developed with power testing technology from Löhnert Elektronik for testing power converters.

Rohde und Schwarz

2020.04 New partner

With the use of the R&S QAR (Quality Automotive Radome Tester) on our new radome test equipment, we were pleased to acquire Rohde and Schwarz as partners. RadomQAR


2020.01 Two new authorised officers at Löhnert Elektronik

Michael Möller and Marco Herbst have been granted power of attorney and from January 2020 will be supporting the Löhnert Elektronik Management Board.


2019.10 Career Fair Röthenbach 2019

We participated at the Career Fair in Röthenbach together with other companies from the Nürnberger Land - Website Fachkräftemesse


2019.09 LisRT V3

Version 3 of our modular testing software, developed completely in-house, is ready for productive use. Test sequence scripts are now written in Python.


2019.08 New building - new logo

We have adapted our logo to be more recognizable.


2019.07 We have moved

Our new building has been in full use since July 2019.


2019.06 Electrical progress

Another e-Golf was acquired in June 2019


2019.05 Electric self-sufficiency

With the help of the photovoltaic system on our new building we operate as self-sufficiently as possible and charge our electric cars.


2018.04 Löhnert goes electric

In April 2018 we bought an e-Golf

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